We connect

We connect, bringing people and organisations together with the ideas and tools they need to be effective. Our aim is to develop and showcase practical ways for doing things differently and in such a way as to strengthen civil society and create a better London.
London Funders produces, share and acts on learning reports that can inform funder practice. In recent years we have focussed on lessons for funders responding to emergencies, building on the work of funders following the Grenfell Tower fire and the terrorist attacks in London and Manchester; developing a funder alliance to tackle serious youth violence and exploring the role of funders in enabling the resilience of community-facing organisations. 
We have worked with our friends at 360 Giving to strengthen understanding of London’s funding ecology through conducting our first review of our members, to inform joint working (through an understanding of common interests and priorities) and act as a springboard for data sharing. 
We regularly meet with other regional funding networks in the UK to explore opportunities to share experience, ideas and connections across different areas to strengthen all our work. This includes being an integral stakeholder in the development of a Greater Manchester Funders network. 
London Funders engages on behalf of London’s funding community on relevant bodies (such as the GLA’s Violence Reduction Unit, and A New Direction’s challenge steering group) and is involved in strategic initiatives where we gather intelligence, insight and learning to share with our members. This enables members to benefit from early sight of developments that may impact on their work, or on the communities they are engaged with. 
We also connect members with thinkers and researchers to bring their work to life in relation to the funding community, focusing on the issues of concern to our members and communities in London. Recent examples include the Greater London Authority’s Review of Philanthropy, and Centre for London’s Giving in London.  
Furthermore, we have used our experience of developing and delivering support to the London’s Giving schemes to enable a growth in their impact, sharing learning between schemes to increase their effectiveness. Giving schemes are empowering people, businesses and organisations to come together to build better boroughs for everyone.