To begin at the beginning - A funders response to serious youth violence. Where are we now and where do we go next?

In this report we have outlined a set of draft principles which were created to inform how Funders could approach work in this space. These sit alongside case studies of work that begin to explore them in practice. As you read through you will see that these principles advocate for a systemic approach to funding work that aims to reduce serious youth violence with the voices of young people and communities at its heart.
The questions and challenges which arose from conversations with our members made us examine what role we as London Funders need to be taking to rise to the demands exacted by serious youth violence. We hope that this report is a first step in placing the work of our members within a broader context and bringing together examples of practice to provide inspiration and encourage connections. We also hope that it will act as a catalyst for the next step of a coming together of funders who are committed to working purposefully to root these principles in action.
Click here for a full report, and here for a blog by Sara Masters.