London Funders Governance Review

The importance of great governance for all organisations is well known. Likewise the value in being transparent about your governance arrangements, how you recruit and select trustees, and how those trustees deal with the potential conflicts of interests. As a membership organisation the London Funders Board is very alive to those issues and that is why we have published a recent governance review that the Board commissioned (available here) to help them in planning for the election of a new Chair. To read further commentary please click here
Whilst this was a light touch review there was a specific remit to consider conflicts of interest, accountability, transparency, independence and whether the right voices are in the room, in relation to the role of the Chair. The Board undertook this review in recognition of the increasingly complicated environment in which members are working; the diversity of the funders and investors within the membership and the growing emphasis on funder collaboration and funding alignment.
If you have any questions about the review, please get in touch with Geraldine