Brexit - A Briefing Note for Funders

During autumn 2019, London Funders convened five roundtable discussions on Brexit and the potential impact on London’s communities, following a survey of our members which suggested only 3.8% felt very prepared for Brexit.  The main issues that members identified as needing additional clarity on became the topics of our roundtables – food, health and care, ESF and structural funds, community cohesion, and citizens’ rights and settlement status.  We were joined at each roundtable session by an expert in the topic, and 50 of our members from across all sectors took part in the discussions, helping to ensure that we reflected the diversity of our membership.  We are grateful to everyone who gave their time to inform these sessions.

These discussions were initially held to assist with planning for Brexit on 31 October 2019, but political developments overtook this date, and the revised date of the formal departure of the UK from the European Union became 31 January 2020.  To coincide with this date, we have brought together the key points from each of the roundtable discussions, and present these here.

We will continue to monitor the situation with our members, across the topics listed below and any others that are raised, and will look to convene our members again as needed to ensure that we are effectively supporting any planning our members may need to do in relation to Brexit.