A Strategy for Funding Immigration Advice in London

This strategy is a collaborative effort, drawing on London Funders’ members and networks, on the knowledge of numerous funders across the independent, public and corporate sectors, and on the expertise of organisations working in the immigration advice sector to support Londoners.
London’s diversity is one of its greatest strengths and a reason why so many of us choose to live here. And many people who are making London their home now need good quality immigration advice to obtain amore  secure status, to enable them to access work and housing, to vote, to participate fully in society and to move forward in their lives with confidence.
Accurate, timely advice and legal support is a prerequisite to being able to navigate an immigration system that is complex, expensive, and intentionally hostile. Londoners with insecure status may find themselves with no recourse to public funds, and are increasingly pushed towards extreme poverty and destitution.
Limited access to good immigration advice will increase demand and exacerbate hardship in connected sectors that funders actively support such as children and young people, families, poverty, employment, education, domestic abuse, health, homelessness, criminal justice and strong communities.
Commissioned by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation on behalf of the Justice Together Initiative - and written by London Funders - 'A Strategy for Funding Immigration Advice in London' serves as a reminder that access to good immigration advice needs to be embedded into all of our regional and local strategies. The report makes the case for further investment in immigration advice, the opportunities and priorities for funders, and what good funder practice looks like in this area. 
If you would like to dicuss the report in further detail, please do send Geraldine Blake an email.