Previous London Funders Publications

A perfect storm: changes to the funding of the advice sector 

(2012) A London Funders meeting exploring the crisis facing advice in London and also strategies for funders and advice services to maintain and improve income.

The arts can help to save the planet

(2011) CCLA sponsored Powerful Ideas No 6, Clare Cooper, Director and Co-Founder Mission Models Money

The asset challenge

(2012) The use of property and asset development to strengthen voluntary and community organisations. 

Asset management strategies, deploying property to strengthen the VCS

2011, Learning from Funders, No 4

BAME groups and the recession

(2009) Meeting of London Funders and MiNet

Believing in your community and green spaces

(2009) GrantScape and Church Urban Fund - funders collaborating

Decentralising innovation from Whitehall will unleash creativity

(2011) CCLA sponsored Powerful Ideas No 1, Chris Grayling, Minister for Employment in the Department for Work and Pensions supporting his argument with the example of the Work Programme, soon to be launched at that time

Demystifying destitution

(2013) This meeting gave an opportunity to share expertise and knowledge on tackling migrant homelessness.

The elections, the economy, public spending and London

(2010) Presentation by Tony Travers at London Funders' Annual General Meeting 2010

Engaging with London Communities: A discussion on corporate engagement

(2012) Planning community engagement for London-based companies. 

Equalities: What next for funders? 


A free market future for Britain

(2011) CCLA sponsored Powerful Ideas No. 5, Mark Littlewood, Director General, Institute of Economic Affairs 

The funders' footprint

(2010) Climate change and the environment-how can funders have an impact?

Funding faith communities

(2008) Meeting of funders on the complexities and controversies

Funding groups in crisis

(2011) Learning from Funders No 3

Funding Infrastructure: the good, the bad or should we?

(2014) A Learning from Funders meeting on the funding of Infrastructure.

Funding partnerships and consortia

(2013) Learning from Funders meeting on experiences of funding partnerships.

Happy-clappy politics and smiley faces – why the government’s happiness agenda is putting society at risk

(2011) CCLA sponsored Powerful Ideas No 2, Claire Fox, broadcaster and Chief Executive of the Institute for Ideas

Health and Belief

(2009) A grants collaboration between London Catalyst and Church Urban Fund

How are you handling the cuts?

(2010) Learning from Funders No 2

In the eye of the beholder? Funding innovation

(2012) A London Funders idscussion looked at whether funders are right to be pursuing innovation, how it can be measured and the levels of risk involved.

Is it good for the voluntary and community sector when funders get together?

(2008) A presentation of London Funders' work to the borough councils

 Is it SIBable? Payment by Results

(2012) Discussion on the spectrum of possibilities PbR offers and the activities which best lend themselves to it as method of funding – analysis, some definitions and examples

It's child's play

(2010) Summary of a conference organised by London Borough of Tower Hamlets and London Play, looking at monitoring and evaluation expectations and practice, especially in relation to the funding of children’s play

Less than the price of a first class stamp?

(2011) Report of a members' meeting on the crisis in funding of children's and young people's services in London

Local authorities and public health-what's in store?

(2012) This meeting helped funders learn from about the challenges facing the new system and how (separately and together) public bodies are approaching change

Localisation of the Social Fund: countdown to change

(2013) A report of our update (in partnership with Child Poverty Action Group and the Association of Charitable Organisations) on how local authorities are preparing for their new duty to deliver crisis loans and community care grants to the poorest and most vulnerable people in London, and how they can best coordinate activity with other grantmakers.

The localisation of the Social Fund: the first six months

(2013) Meeting (with CPAG and ACO) to discuss the first six months' experience of the localised arrangements. 

Localism will lead to the emancipation of local government and give much-needed power back to the people

(2011) CCLA sponsored Powerful Ideas No 3, Andy Sawford, Chief Executive, Local Government Information Unit

Londoners and their health

(2008) Meeting on health and health inequality in London

London Funders annual report and accounts for 2012

London Funders annual review of 2012

London Funders' self-evaluation report

(2010) Summary report for London Development Agency on the effectiveness of their three year grant to London Funders

London perspectives

(2009) How funders use information to enhance their insights and practice. Three London examples

Meeting the needs of children living with domestic violence in London

(2012) Report of a joint event with The City Bridge Trust for funders to explore the implications of a report from Refuge and the NSPCC showing that the needs of children and young people living with domestic violence are still overlooked 

Online applications

(2011) Learning from Funders, No 5

The personalisation agenda

(2009) Report of a meeting on personal budgets for health and social care

Personalisation in adult social care

(2012) A Learning from Funders session to provide an update on progress in the personalisation agenda and to explore the continuing implications for funders and for the voluntary organisations adapting to change.

Poverty and Austerity: patterns and responses in London

(2014) A meeting to present the Social Policy in a Cold Climate research and London Poverty Profile - two programmes of research on poverty and social issues.


Recession Survey

(2010) How the recession is affecting funders and their funded groups

The recession: we're all in it together

(2009) Day Conference on the impact of the recession in London

Sinking and swimming

(2010) Presentation by Will Norman on the Young Foundation's study of resilience on UK society

Smart money...Magic bullets?

(2010) A meeting of London Funders on new and different forms of investment and support for London's VCS

Social Fund-delivering at London level

(2012) A report of our meeting in partnership with Child Poverty Action Group and the Association of Charitable Foundations exploring how local authorities can fulfil their new duty to deliver crisis loans and community care grants to the poorest and most vulnerable people in London

Strategies for funding the voluntary and community sector in London

(2009) Meeting covering action following the recession; NCVO's Funding Commisssion

Supplementary education: beyond the pupil premium

(2013) Report of a meeting, organised with John Lyon's charity, to review the way forward for supplementary schools and community-led out of school hours education and some of the key issues such as their interaction with mainstream schools.

Support in a challenging climate

(2013) Learning from Funders meeting to explore using funding plus resources and some of the questions that it poses.

Supporting the VCS: Are they more at risk than the front line?

(2012) Often thought of as an invisible issue, this report challenges a breadth of attitudes and reminds funders of the range of support services which the sector needs

Support services for the VCS: are they more at risk than the front line?

(2012) A meeting of funders concerned about the quality and nature of voluntary and community sector services finds that the value of infrastructure is in the communities we serve

There’s nothing to fear from a postcode lottery

(2011) CCLA sponsored Powerful Ideas No 4, Tony Travers, Director, Greater London Group, London School of Economics and Political Science

Trends in US giving

(2009) A conversation with Peter deCourcy Hero

Understanding insolvency

(2013) A seminar offered to members of London Funders by Russell-Cooke solicitors on the trail that can lead to insolvency in voluntary organisations and how to spot the points where there might be some way of helping with a survival strategy.

Update for funders on asylum and migration issues in London

(2013) English language provision for migrants was the main focus of this joint meeting for funders organised with the Greater London Authority. We also had some expert guidance on the data relating to migrants in the 2011 census

Value of infrastructure

(2009) Main points of agreement from a meeting of funders and infrastructure organisations

What would make London better for young people?

(2008) Meeting of funders at a time of concern about guns, gangs and knife crime

Working money harder

(2008) Meeting of funders on smarter ways of maximising the impact of their funding

Youth work works? Impact and value in funding work with children and young people

(2013) How to benchmark the quality of youth work intervention. Different experiences of funding youth services and projects.