Theory of Change

Our goal is to improve lives in London’s communities. We do this by helping to create the conditions in which London’s funders can thrive.

Our theory of change shows outcomes – from our work with funders and investors across the public, independent, social and corporate sectors, and from their work supporting civil society. Outcomes build on one another as we move towards change in Londoners’ lives. Therefore, this is also a theory of change for London’s civil society as a whole.


Political and social systems and markets meet the needs of Londoners

We believe that social systems and markets - the policy framework within which civil society operates, and how funding is accessed by civil society organisations - can be altered to meet the needs of Londoners better. This outcome is underpinned by funders working for the efficient, effective allocation of resources, collaborating with others to improve understanding of where funding is most needed and how best to channel support there. It is further driven by changes to policies and structures that affect civil society organisations, for which we believe funders can be active advocates.