Theory of Change

Our goal is to improve lives in London’s communities. We do this by helping to create the conditions in which London’s funders can thrive.

Our theory of change shows outcomes – from our work with funders and investors across the public, independent, social and corporate sectors, and from their work supporting civil society. Outcomes build on one another as we move towards change in Londoners’ lives. Therefore, this is also a theory of change for London’s civil society as a whole.


Funders support civil society organisations and the sector to be sustainable and resilient

We believe that funders who work thoughtfully and strategically, by actively learning from their work and that of their peers, are better able to support civil society organisations. Through knowledge of what sustainable and resilient organisations look like, and learning about how to help bring them about, funders are better equipped to help develop sustainability and reliance in their own grantees. Knowledge of where within a sector funding is most needed, and working with other funders to ensure an effective distribution of resources across a sector, is also important for achieving this end.