Festival of Learning #LdnLearnFest

12 May 2021—19 May 2021

Join us between 12-19th May for our very first Festival of Learning (#LdnLearnFest). The London Funders team are looking to highlight the brilliant work of civil society over the past year, to share best practice on what works (and what doesn't) and to act to ensure that change 'sticks' to make the capital a better place for all of Londoners. 

The Festival of Learning is going to build on work undertaken by us and the funding community to make sure that civil society is supported beyond the pandemic, and that things don't go back to 'normal'. It follows on from our Camference (hosted last October) where we came together (from our homes) with a fantastic group of speakers to think about how covid-19 has impacted the capital’s communities, to share hopes for the future, and to discuss the role that funders need to play in supporting civil society through this.

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