Healthy London

Chaired by Sarah Ridley (Chief Grants Officer, London Marathon Charitable Trust), and Stewart Goshawk (CEO, Wembley National Stadium Trust), the Healthy London Network Group was established in response to a recognition from London Funders members that funding for ‘health’ often goes beyond physical health to cover wellbeing and of course mental health. As such, an increasing number of funders are finding that the health agenda is influencing their grant-making whatever their particular areas of interest.
The ‘picture of health’ is becoming increasingly complex, with more people suffering from multiple long term conditions, and as the population lives longer people are often spending more years in bad health. Furthermore Londoners encounter specific issues unique to the city which can affect their health and wellbeing, such as – air pollution, limited access to green space and health inequalities both within and between boroughs. 
The group provides a forum for funders in London, and other key stakeholders, to:
•             Assess the current landscape of funding for health provision across London, and how this has changed and is likely to change in the immediate future;
•             Identify areas of concern to funders and to those they fund arising from this changing funding landscape;
•             Highlight and showcase examples of innovation in funding and commissioning practice that is seeking to tackle these concerns;
•             Facilitate collaboration and partnerships across funders, and between funders and other stakeholders;
•             Consider the strategic funding needs of health provision in London, and seek to create a consensus within London for a more strategic response to those funding needs.