Research and Evaluation

This group is chaired by Oliver Carrington (Impact and Evaluation Manager, Imperial Health Charity) and examines questions like:

  1. How can we learn from our work, both in terms of grants that we make and activities that we carry out directly?
  2. Do we commission research well?
  3. How do we use the knowledge generated by our grant recipients?
  4. How can we use knowledge to influence?

The priorities of the Research and Evaluation Network are: 

  • Sharing practice + learning – both from within and beyond the group, encouraging others to do the same
  • Utilisation of data – exploring what data we are collecting and reflecting on how best to use it
  • Standardisation – developing a shared approach to collecting data, standardising how and/or what funders request from organisations
  • Practical grantee guidance – providing support and guidance for grantees, ensuring that funder R&E is helpful and useful 

A broad range of London Funders' network members take part, some with research and evaluation jobs while others are not specialists but have it as part of their role and are keen to use research and evaluation well and learn from the work they fund.  If you are not on the mailing list for this group please email Malene.