Grenfell Fire Response

-Money generously donated by the public has been distributed directly to survivors and individuals affected by the Grenfell Fire. Click here for an update on the funds raised and distributed. 

-Money committed by independent Trusts and Foundations has been channelled to local and voluntary sector organisations. Click here to find out more about more about Trust and Foundation funding and support for community groups responding to the needs of the wider community. 

Click here to read 'The Possible Not the Perfect'. This study was commissioned by London Funders to capture and distil the key features and aspects of a range of independent funders’ grant-making responses to the Grenfell Tower fire, the London Bridge and Borough Market attacks and the Manchester Arena bomb in order to contribute to wider thinking about future emergency planning and related initiatives and to identify opportunities for adaptations and innovations to day-to-day grantmaking for small local groups and organisations.